Thursday, April 05, 2007

Virginia Turkey Season

My Best Virginia Turkey at 21.6 lbs with 10 inch beard and 1 and 3/8 in spurs. I did not kill him on the beach but about 1/4 mile from a beach on the Cheseapeake Bay. A wonderful hunt with a turkey master, Richard Rose!

My first Missouri Bird outside Festus, Mo with my good friend Mike Manns on his property "The Wilderness"!

Saturday is the youth day for Turkey in Virginia. About 2/3 of our Fredericksburg, VA National Wild Turkey Foundation committee is going to be out guiding some youth in the woods until noon. Saturday night is our Fredericksburg banquet for the NWTF and this year we have 250 tickets sold for the event so it is looking like it is shaping up to be one heck of a great event! We have a great little spring bear hunt to auction off for Triple R Outfitters out of Quebec and of course we are giving Brandon a big check for his scholarship to Hampton Sydney College in Virginia.

April 14th is our opening day of spring gobbler season in Virginia and I have not done near enough scouting to even know where to go for spring turkey. I have a guided hunt in Virginia planned with the guys from the QDMA banquet and Chad my cameraman and I have talked about getting out for a day of turkey hunting at some point in the next month but have not been able to get out the calendar and hammer out a date. I may have to focus my time on Quantico Marine Base to scout for spring gobblers and

I did however get airline tickets arranged for the spring bear hunt with Horn's Whitetail Adventures in Lake Sled, Saskatchewan and I am very excited to get out and get this hunt started. I am spending the next several weeks practicing with the bow with about 50-60 arrows a night to get ready for this hunt! I have to get some bug netting and some really great DEET for this hunt and a pair of hip waders for the swamps we will be in throughout the week.

I am spending all day Saturday setting up for the NWTF banquet and helping in any way I can, and then will be back to blogging on Sunday!