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We are live!


Please come visit our new site and our new blog! It is the same writing, the same style, the same commitment to hunting and wildlife conservation with a more professional look and feel.

We are listening and growing while we rebuild to add to your enjoyment. We hope you will stick around and visit often.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dennis is trying to get out the vote with Wolverine!


Mixing business with pleasure on his annual family vacation, Dennis takes out a sign during his trip to Ocean City, MD. It's too bad the beach did not have wifi because everyone would of been excited to have the opportunity to win a 100 just to get Dennis some new boots.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

New Mexico Governors Tag FOR SALE here on

Ladies & Gentlemen, I have the story of the year for this humble little blog and website called Several months ago Ben Nicholson was looking for some information on the Valles Caldera Wildlife Management area in New Mexico and he ran a search on google and up popped my article on how to apply for tags for the opportunity to hunt elk there. About that same time we also had a post about the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation holding a raffle for the New Mexico Governors tag for elk. Ben followed the link to the Valles Caldera and learned that he had missed the deadline and on a whim came back to and decided to buy a raffle ticket for the that RMEF raffle for the tag.


I got a comment on that post just after the raffle was finished and Ben was looking to sell the tag. New Mexico is the only state that allows you to transfer the tag if you have purchased it and/or won the tag. He asked me if he should put it up on ebay and I thought about it for two seconds and decided that might not be the best way to sell such a valuable item like this tag.

I put Ben in touch with a couple of people I knew just might have the connections out there to sell this tag and he is working the phones and now we are working the phones on his behalf. In talking to Ben, I agreed to assist him in the sale of this tag if he would agree to donate 10% of the proceeds to Conservation. He has already agreed to buy a life membership in the RMEF and if we can assist him in selling the tag through then he will confirm with us once he has completed the sale where he is donating the 10% and we will bring the story here to all of you.

Of course we now have competitors who are also trying to sell the tag on his behalf but if they assist him, he is going to have to pay them 10% and the money will not be guaranteed to go to conservation.

I will not in any way take or receive a single dime to assist him in selling this tag. I just think this is the coolest story of the year for this fledgling website called

A little bit about Ben Nicholson

Ben has been hunting since 1984 and is mostly a water fowler and upland game hunter but likes to forage into the world of whitetail deer and black bear. His father Tom and good friend Jim got Ben started in the world of hunting with a hunters safety course and many trips to the field together. Ben is married to a wife(Rachel) whom he describes as wonderful and for the last 8 years they have been quite happy together along with a German Wirehair named Clyde. Living in Iowa City, IA and working as a loan officer for a local bank, Ben has been able to balance a great family life with some great hunting time.

Ben said, "I've been wanting to go elk hunting for years and will be making my first elk hunting trip this fall."

I tried to convince Ben that this was the hunt of a lifetime and his comments were, "I can go on a lot of hunts with the proceeds from the sale of this tag. I would really like you to sell it so that 10% can go towards conservation" was his last comment on our phone call.

How this is going to work.

Team Hunting Life(which is currently only myself - Kevin Paulson) will be taking emails from perspective buyers for this tag. You will need to make a full offer and include your name, address, phone number and email and we will be in touch with each and every one of you. I will make an initial call to you to determine if you are serious and then put you in direct touch with Ben Nicholson and you will work out the deal directly with him. Once that deal is complete, Ben will donate his 10% to conservation and we will report the story to all of you along with the details. My email is!

This tag is for

One bull elk
Hunt in any unit in the state on public land
or private land with permission

September 1- December 31, 2007
Legal weapon of choice during any season.

The opportunity for a 400 class bull anywhere in the state of New Mexico is what your buying here. This will be the hunt of a lifetime. This tag is priceless to the right person so please be very serious in your offers.

Let the bidding begin!!!!!!!!

Proposed “Safety” Regulations Would Dry Up Ammunition Sales

Proposed “Safety” Regulations Would Dry Up Ammunition Sales

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has proposed new rules that would have a dramatic effect on the storage and transportation of ammunition and handloading components such as primers or black and smokeless powder. The proposed rule indiscriminately treats ammunition, powder and primers as “explosives.” Among many other provisions, the proposed rule would:
  • Prohibit possession of firearms in commercial “facilities containing explosives”—an obvious problem for your local gun store.
  • Require evacuation of all “facilities containing explosives”—even your local Wal-Mart—during any electrical storm.
  • Prohibit smoking within 50 feet of “facilities containing explosives.”

It’s important to remember this is only a proposed rule right now, so there’s still time for concerned citizens to speak out before OSHA issues its final rule. The National Rifle Association, National Shooting Sports Foundation, and Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute will all be commenting on these proposed regulations, based on the severe effect these regulations (if finalized) would have on the availability of ammunition and reloading supplies to safe and responsible shooters.

The public comment period ends July 12. To file your own comment, or to learn more about the OSHA proposal, click here or go to and search for Docket Number OSHA-2007-0032”; you can read OSHA’s proposal and learn how to submit comments electronically, or by fax or mail.


OSHA Docket Office Docket No. OSHA-2007-0032 U.S. Department of Labor, Room N-2625 200 Constitution Ave., N.W. Washington, DC 20210

Re.: Docket No. OSHA-2007-0032 (Explosives—Proposed Rule)

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing in strong opposition to OSHA’s proposed rules on “explosives,” which go far beyond regulating true explosives. These proposed rules would impose severe restrictions on the transportation and storage of small arms ammunition—both complete cartridges and handloading components such as black and smokeless powder, primers, and percussion caps. These restrictions go far beyond existing transportation and fire protection regulations.

As a person who uses ammunition and components, I am very concerned that these regulations will have a serious effect on my ability to obtain these products. OSHA’s proposed rules would impose restrictions that very few gun stores, sporting goods stores, or ammunition dealers could comply with. (Prohibiting firearms in stores that sell ammunition, for example, is absurd—but would be required under the proposed rule.)

The proposed transportation regulations would also affect shooters’ ability to buy these components by mail or online, because shipping companies would also have great difficulty complying with the proposed rules.

There is absolutely no evidence of any new safety hazard from storage or transportation of small arms ammunition or components that would justify these new rules. I also understand that organizations with expertise in this field, such as the National Rifle Association, National Shooting Sports Foundation, and Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Association, will be submitting detailed comments on this issue. I hope OSHA will listen to these organizations’ comments as the agency develops a final rule on this issue.


Courtesy of NRA-ILA

Missouri Governor Signs Castle Doctrine, Hunting Preservation Bills Into Law

Friday, July 06, 2007

In a recent fly-around tour across Missouri, NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox joined Governor Matt Blunt (R) at bill signing ceremonies for two of NRA-ILA's top legislative priorities. SB 62, Missouri's "Castle Doctrine" bill, removes the "duty to retreat" for victims of criminal attack; while SB 225, the "Hunting Heritage Protection Areas Act," preserves important wildlife habitat and hunting opportunities for future Missouri generations.

Blunt"Missouri now joins a group of 18 other 'Castle Doctrine' states, guaranteeing victims' right to protect themselves against a criminal attack," said Cox. "When you're confronted by a criminal, you don't have the luxury of time. This bill states that if victims choose to stand their ground and fight, their decision will not be second-guessed by the State of Missouri. The ability to protect yourself, your children, or your spouse from harm is critical, whether you're in your home or outside."

Also, in a historic set of votes, the "Hunting Heritage Protection Areas Act" passed unanimously out of both chambers of the General Assembly. The measure passed the State Senate, 32-0, and the State House, 158-0.

Commenting on the signing of the pro-hunting bill, Cox said, "Missouri provides some of the richest and most pristine wildlife habitats in the world. Hunters here continue to be leaders in ensuring sound wildlife management and conservation practices. The 'Hunting Heritage Protection Areas Act' will protect these diverse lands critical for wildlife species and preserve hunting opportunities into the future."

"On behalf of Missouri NRA members, hunters, and residents, I want to thank Governor Blunt for signing the 'Castle Doctrine' and 'Hunting Heritage Protection' bills into law," concluded Cox. "Missourians are fortunate to have a Governor and state legislators who respect and cherish their Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage."

Courtesy of NRA-ILA

Friday, July 06, 2007

Launch Date moves to Friday the 13th!

In the quest to provide you all with the best of the best, We have moved our Launch date to Friday the 13th, at 5pm!

We have gone from what could be the luckiest day in the world to a Friday the 13th!!!!

But I am more excited then ever because it will be a great site!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

A listing of some great Outdoor Blogs

If you have any more that you think should be listed, please email me at Thank you! I know there are many more, including many on Skinny Moose and I am trying to create a complete list of everything I can find specifically on hunting or at least 50% on hunting! Send me your links for inclusion on which is going live this weekend. - A great site written by Darrell

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to all of you!!!!

You have all given me purpose
and I appreciate it!
New Website coming Soon!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Monatana Outdoors: Sportsmen's group does battle with Cabela's over land sales

The Montana Wildlife Federation is waging a war of words with outdoor gear retail giant Cabela's over its Cabela's Trophy Properties recreational real estate listing business and how it may affect hunter access in Montana.

It began with a letter to Cabela's president and CEO Dennis Highby from MWF executive director Craig Sharpe on May 30. It continued with a letter back from Trophy Properties' manager David Nelson a few days later. And it resumed last Tuesday with another letter from Sharpe to Highby.

What sparked the controversy was Cabela's involvement in selling key pieces of wildlife habitat, including the 29,000-acre Weaver Ranch, north of Winnett, which had been enrolled in the state's Block Management Program. Through the Block Management Program, farmers and ranchers are paid by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to provide free public access to resident and nonresident hunters.

Rest of the Article at: Billings Gazette

Blog Rating

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Hey Rex do they think you are working blue over there in the Deer Camp Blog? What happens in deer camp, stays in deer camp.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Outdoor Tips

I am looking for 5 to 10 great outdoor tips to post on our new site. I am running short on time and I would really appreciate some assistance. The tips should be hunting related and they should be little secrets or tips that you have learned from the field. Once the site goes live we will be holding a monthly contest for our tips section and I will be contributing some as well. This week is completely slammed!

Jr. Mr. Lehigh Valley Outdoorsman

It was my pleasure to award this young man with his Cabela's 300.00 shopping spree & certificate. It could not have been won by a nicer young outdoorsman. The competition was won by Tom Hudak of Orefield, PA. He is a young hunter and avid fisherman, he really wants to become a fly fisherman & tier. During his visit to my shop I took the opportunity to show him how to tie a bass bug and a woolly old wet fly pattern. I think he has a Fly rod and some tying supplies on his wish list for his next trip to Cabela's.
Feels good to meet such and enthusiastic young man !!
Bob V Danenhower Sr.


Sunday, July 01, 2007




CHEYENNE – American pronghorn fawns captured near Cheyenne in June are headed to Zacatecas, Mexico as part of a recovery effort to bolster populations of Sonoran and peninsular pronghorn in Mexico.

Biologists and volunteers from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, F.E. Warren Air Force Base and Mexico spent two weeks capturing 159 pronghorn fawns on F.E. Warren and surrounding property. The first group of fawns were flown to Mexico on June 16, with the remaining fawns scheduled to leave sometime the weekend of June 23.

“Wyoming is lucky to have a wealth of pronghorn,” says Jon Stephens, the Game and Fish Warden who organized the capture effort. “The pronghorns indigenous to Mexico haven’t fared so well, and Mexican biologists were looking for a way to help stabilize their pronghorn populations.”

Some scientists believe there to be five subspecies of pronghorn, including the Sonoran and penisular pronghorn. The capture effort in Wyoming was part of a recovery project formulated in an international pronghorn working group.

“We have the resources in Wyoming to help make this project a success,” says Stephens. “Relocating fawns from the Cheyenne area allows wildlife managers to help control populations using non-lethal techniques. F.E. Warren Air Force Base and other lands in the area do not provide opportunity for hunter harvest because of safety concerns for both people and wildlife. Because of this, the Game and Fish must look at alternative methods to manage and sustain the pronghorn population in southeast Wyoming.”

After the fawns arrive in Mexico, they are released in a natural environment on wildlife preserves or other protected areas where they mature and breed. Scientists are studying how closely the DNA of the Sonoran and peninsular pronghorn resembles that of American pronghorn. If the genetics are determined suitable, some of the of fourth or fifth generation American fawns will be released in the wild with the Sonoran and penisular pronghorn to provide a stable captive breeding population.

Female American fawns may also serve as surrogate mothers. Pronghorn can have up to six embryos, with only three having the potential to develop into fawns. Mexican biologists are studying the viability of taking the unused embryos from the Mexican does and implanting them in the American pronghorn. The hope is to provide twice as many genetically unique Sonoran or penisular fawns each year to help these populations grow more quickly.

“This project brought together people from two countries with different languages for a common goal: wildlife conservation,” says Stephens. “We are happy to help by providing Wyoming fawns, just as Wyoming has received turkeys, bighorn sheep and fish eggs from other agencies in the past.”

Fawns were housed in an outbuilding on F.E. Warren Air Force Base, and were fed by volunteers every 4 hours as they awaited transport. Veterinary care for the fawns was provided by Dr. Mike Driscoll and the staff of Broadmoor East Veterinary Clinic of Cheyenne.

“The fawns went through a rigorous health inspection to pass U.S. and Mexican customs,” explained Stephens. Driscoll inspected each fawn, insuring it was physically able to make the trip to Mexico before submitting his paperwork to the requisite federal agencies so the fawns could travel.

This is the fourth year the Game and Fish has partnered on the project, which is funded by the Mexican counterpart of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In all, more than 300 fawns from Wyoming have been translocated to Mexico in the last four years.