Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Monatana Outdoors: Sportsmen's group does battle with Cabela's over land sales

The Montana Wildlife Federation is waging a war of words with outdoor gear retail giant Cabela's over its Cabela's Trophy Properties recreational real estate listing business and how it may affect hunter access in Montana.

It began with a letter to Cabela's president and CEO Dennis Highby from MWF executive director Craig Sharpe on May 30. It continued with a letter back from Trophy Properties' manager David Nelson a few days later. And it resumed last Tuesday with another letter from Sharpe to Highby.

What sparked the controversy was Cabela's involvement in selling key pieces of wildlife habitat, including the 29,000-acre Weaver Ranch, north of Winnett, which had been enrolled in the state's Block Management Program. Through the Block Management Program, farmers and ranchers are paid by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to provide free public access to resident and nonresident hunters.

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