Thursday, July 31, 2008

Save Bristol Bay Win a Moose Hunt

Bristol Bay is in trouble and the war for Alaska's Natural Resources is raging on daily in the newspapers and coffee shops of Alaska. The choice is between an open pit mine for copper and gold and the protection of Bristol Bay, Natural Salmon Runs, Trout, Moose and the breeding ground for a Caribou herd.

For me the choice is easy and Bristol Bay must win out. Do we really really need more copper and gold?

Here is an article that talks all about this issue in far more detail then I can and really talks about the issue at hand. There is article after article in almost every outdoor magazine in the country.

Dallas Safari Club Game Trails Bristol Bay Article

Over the next several weeks we will be grabbing these articles and I encourage you all to do your own research.

Here are a couple of links to get you started:

The website of those that want the mine to succeed is here....

There are thousands of people who are working on this and some really great partners across the world.


Leupold Optics



Alaska Wilderness Trips, Inc.

And there are many many more..

How can you help you ask?

Log on and buy a raffle ticket.. $50.00 is all we ask for a full donation. I know that times are tough and gas prices are high and every nickel in our lives is important but all I am asking is go to one less night out this month and make a donation to this wonderful promotion and you might even be a lucky winner and get to head out to the Bristol Bay area and go on a Moose hunt.

The sooner the better as there are only 500 tickets total.