Friday, December 22, 2006

Elk Outfitter Recommendations!

A ton of people are calling me for recommendations on outfitters. Based on my past experiences I am currently hesitant to personally recommend many. That being said, I am going to recommend 3 to you. My only comment is to do your research on all three and make your own choices based on what you learn from them and their references!

The first is Jake Clark of Wyoming Wilderness Outfitters. Jake hunts out of Wyoming and is an absolute legend in RMEF circles and the world of mule skinners and outfitters.

The second is Mike and Ron Robinson of Thunderbow Outfitters. I have personally hunted with Ron Robinson and his knowledge of elk is amazing. I know they have some good guides and if you can personally commit Ron or Mike to guide you then I would, and pay the extra money to do so, they are both worth it!

The third is Deadwood Outfitters out of Idaho! Now I personally have not hunted with this outfitter but I have close friends who were very very well taken care of.

Again, do your research, decide on the type of hunt you want and go after it!