Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another Great suggestion

Bill MacFarland of MacFarland Adventures sent me another great suggestion for my gear list for elk hunting. BTW..Bill is another one of those few greats out there in the world of booking agents. Bill has hunted in the past with me and I am hunting with him this fall on a wonderful trip into Manitoba to go chase some really great big Whitetails.

Read the following!

Trash bags and zip locks for the hunt. Serves many needs. I always pack my clothes in bags or scent fee bags inside my duffle bag. Not only does it keep scent to a minimum when traveling or in camp. Many times when picked up at the airport you ride in a pick up to camp. If it is raining. You may be the only guy with dry gear before you start your hunt. I have also used
trash bags for wind/rain/snow, raingear, keeping backpack dry on stand, packing meat or cape etc. Also while in tent camp or damp locations I keep all my stuff in trash bags, it keeps clothes, pillow, and sleeping bags dry. Kind of like duct tape....


I agree with that.. A box of trash bags is a cheap solution to staying dry and protecting all of your gear.