Friday, January 05, 2007

Good Article on Deer and Auto Accidents.

I opened up my USA Today and saw a great article on deer and auto accidents today. The link is at: USA TODAY. The article in the print version had the numbers and a really great graph on the number of accidents per state. A couple of states listed that were really high were Pennsylvania with 18,846 auto collisions and deer, Michigan was second with 13,108, Illinois was third with 12,003, Ohio was fourth with 10,480, Georgia fifth with 9406, and Virginia was sixth at 8256. Of course with the lease amount of deer collisions was Hawaii with 12, and DC had 61 for July 1st, 2005 through June 30th, 2006.

Now what they don't tell you in this article is the number of deer that are hit by large semi-trucks that never get reported, and or the number of collisions that do not get reported to the insurance companies. They did state that the average amount for a crash with a deer was $2800.00 and over $10,000 if there was injury to the driver.