Saturday, November 18, 2006

Opening Day in Virginia.

Today was the opening day of rifle season in Virginia. The weather was warm with a slight breeze probably in the 50's. I hunted the afternoon and as the day went on with the constant breeze I got colder. I picked up a climber that I had left down on the edge of the field and decided to spend the afternoon on the powerlines today. Power lines in Virginia, especially the large ones, are strips of fields that are kept short and mowed once a year. The grass in this particular section is about 3 feet high and is filled with everything including some brambles, grass, young oaks, weeds and poisin ivy. It is usually the ivy that has me bothered. Today it was the cold breeze and time was going very very slow. About 4:30 I got a long visit from a doe about 100 yards and she spent the next 45 minutes playing in front of me. After having just visited Montana and Idaho it constantly amazes me how small the deer here are.

I had a really good time watching her, but cannot for the life of me understand why I did not get out the camera and take some good video of the deer. Today was not a doe day or she would of been a really good dinner.

I got out of the woods about 5:30 tonight and was back on my way home and realized that my phone is sitting on the ground either where I made my stand or where I was parked. I shall have to return to the scene tomorrow and see if I can find my phone somewhere on the ground and do some scouting while I am out there. Hopefully I can find the phone and some new leads on the mystery of where all the deer are hanging out.