Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saturday Hunting with Tristan

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Saturday hunting with Tristan was a ton of fun although we only saw deer after it got dark and we were on the road home. He and I saw Horses, Cows, Crows, Squirrells, Woodpeckers, a ton of birds and a really nice sized cotton tail rabbit at about 3 feet.

Tristan has a really hard time staying even remotely quiet at the age of 9 and the amount of energy and movement is absolutely amazing to me. I think if I even tried to move as much as he does just sitting on the hedgerow I would be absolutely exhausted.

I think I am going to need to save up some money for a really good blind to take him out hunting in so we can mask some of the movement and just work on the whispering part.

All in all a great day!