Monday, November 13, 2006

Trip out hunting with Brandon

Brandon and I decided to get a late start on Saturday and slept in until the kids woke us up. We got prepared and headed out to Quantico Marine Base to take the class and see if we could find a spot to hunt on the Marine Base. The nice thing about hunting on the base is that the hunting is regulated to only allow so many hunters are allowed per area and you are only allowed to hunt a specific area. When we got to Quantico, we were turned away because they were not offering classes on this Saturday. The hard part is, I am not sure when I can get Brandon out to Quantico to take the class to get him a permit to hunt on base.

We proceeded to CF Phelps Wildlife Area which is a public hunting land. Upon pulling into one area we saw two does run between 10 cars and about 20 people and we backed off the area quickly as they all started moving towards the deer and it looked a bit crowded. Dangerously crowded for what we were looking for.

We proceeded to look at the map and found a range so we took some time and found that, so we could test out the muzzleloaders. Brandon shot two rounds and I shot 5 rounds and we were absolutely dead on at 50 and 100 yards. The day was really hot so about 1pm we headed into a new area and proceeded to head out into the woods. Walking around we ran into so many hunters that by the end of the day we had just about given up. Brandon and I seperated and walked back to an area that we thought was going to be fantastic. Brandon walked directly underneath a hunter in a treestand and we moved another 150 yards away and sat down.

Too hot for deer, a really nice nature walk and more good times spent with a great friend and a great hunting partner.