Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pennsylvania's Opening Day

After a weekend of work this weekend, I did not get the opportunity to go out and enjoy the outdoors. I was definately thinking about the outdoors and the memories of past hunts while I was in the office all day. The Thanksgiving traffic was so bad that I decided that I should head out early to Pittsburgh for a Monday meeting on Sunday evening and got a hotel room.

Tomorrow is the opening day of Pennsylvania's deer season and I am sure there are lots of sleepless hunters out there tonight anxiously awaiting the early alarm clock to go off so they can get out into the woods and have thier chance at getting a deer for the freezer and build some great new memories.

The 11:00pm news had a segment on opening day and the increasing amount of women hunters that are hitting the woods. It was a great peice of journalism and I am really happy to see that the local news is doing these kinds of stories. I think the more women and children that we can get out into the woods and understanding why we go out there, the better.

They also stated that 350,000 deer were harvested in Pennsylvania last year. With over 2 million deer in the state that is a really great number and a very reasonable harvest. It would be interesting to see the numbers for all of the states in a single spread sheet along with a breakdown of how many hunters hit the woods, how many does vs bucks were taken and how they were harvested. If anyone has a spread sheet that details the national statistics, I would love to see them and post them here for everyone to read.

Good Luck to all my friends in Pennsylvania! May you have 12 points under your stands all day!