Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sitka Mountain Gear

This fall I had the pleasure to step into a new set of gear that I purchased. Sitka Mountain Gear has developed this gear with extreme hunters in mind. I spent 18 days guiding and hunting in this gear and it's layering system far surpasses all of the gear I have ever had the opportunity to wear.

I hunted in temperatures from 70 degrees down to freezing. I had the opportunity to climb up and down about 20,000+ vertical feet over those 18 days. Every day while on the mountain with this gear I became more and more impressed with its functionality. The quality of the stitching, the quality of the material, the zippers, the layout of the pockets, everything about this gear was well thought out and planned for the serious hunter.

As an individual hunter who is making a committment to hunting each and every year in all extremes of weather, I am excited to own this gear. Now for the typical hunter who is not going to travel out of thier local woods, or only hunts turkey or whitetail deer on a stand, do not buy this gear, it will never be worth it to you. If you are going to be headed to the high country, chasing big game up and down mountains in all extremes of weather, I do not believe you should be without this gear. At close to $750.00 for the entire system, you are going to want to use this gear alot, year after year and you are going to want to take care of it. Keep it in a scent proof bag and well protected.

While you are out hunting the key to hunting is staying dry and warm. Hunting Elk in the Idaho you never have the opportunity to hunt on flat ground and you are always climbing. No matter how in shape you are you are going to sweat and get warm while climbing up a mountain. This gear allows you the functionality to do that in a fantastic package.

If you are going to hunt like I am going to hunt, in Hard country with Harsh Weather.........OWN THIS GEAR!!!!