Sunday, June 03, 2007

8 things about me......

1. I smoke too much and desperately want to quit and get into a real fitness plan. This last couple of years I have begun the process of feeling winded and out of breath while out hunting and it scares the crap out of me. At the same time I am also scared to quit because it is the one thing that can calm me down on a really stressful day.
2. I love to sleep! I like a good nap better then most I know...
3. I could drink Coca Cola all day, almost every day... I have been known to pack Coca Cola into back country camps and carry two of them in my backpack to get me through the day. I am also partial to double shots from starbucks.
4. I have almost zero tolerance for drunks. I rarely drink and am now a pretty lightweight drinker and at one time I was a heavy weight drinker but chose to give up drinking the first time I had a hangover and the kids were screaming and yelling and I just could not take the pounding in my head and so I made a choice... NEVER AGAIN.
5. When I die, I want people to remember the donations I made to wildlife conservation more then they remember that I was a hunter. My lifetime goal is to find a way to donate, cause to donate, or raise over $5 million dollars for conservation that goes directly to wildlife conservation and the purchase of habitat for wildlife. I am creating the website so that people can choose to donate to wildlife conservation organizations and I can document the revenue that is generated from our website for wildlife conservation. It may take about a year to get developed but it will be done. I love auctions........
6. I desperately want to hunt the and complete the North American Grand Slam including the Polar Bear! In fact Big Horn Sheep, Musk Ox and Polar Bear are the 3 species I am most interested in hunting for.
7. I love working with people to grow their careers or businesses and to see them succeed.
8. I am absolutely addicted to blogging and the analytics part of my website...Every day I check the statistics page to see how many of you are reading and commenting on the blog.. I love nothing more then knowing that I am in some way making you think.
8.1 I DON'T WEAR UGLY SHOES!!!!!!!!!!

Now since all the bloggers I know have completed this MEME... I am asking you the readers to contribute 8 things about yourselves that are little known facts...Just add your comments below... You don't have to include your name if you don't want to but I would love it if you would include where you are from.