Thursday, June 07, 2007

Upland Feathers are flying around with Links everywhere

I had the pleasure of reading the blog of an upland game fan Upland Feathers is written for all of you out there with dreams of taking quail, pheasants, dove, grouse and more. When you all get done picking the feathers out of your teeth head over to the Deer Camp Blog and read about where he came from or we came from..... well you will learn something...I learn tons from both of these blogs.. and ya'all can't forget to stop by and see Othmar and then head off to class at the Outdoor U.

Hey Rex.. It's kind of fun trying to rhyme all these blogs together like this...Kev

This segment brought to you by of Hunt Info Blog and if you need a great designer check him out.. He is one of the greatest designers I know....Macfarland Design..... I am trying to butter him up because I am going to need his help soon. That being said.. Its all true.. He really is one of the greatest designers I know!!!!!!!