Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Idaho 2007 Bighorn Sheep Raffle

Please log on to: Idaho 2007 Bighorn Sheep Raffle and buy yourself a dozen or so tickets to this raffle. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your sheep tag and start working on that Grand Slam opportunity! Before I pass on to the big pearly gates, I will be hunting all of the great species of sheep in North America! The great thing about this raffle is the money goes to FNAWS.

I sent in my $50.00 for 6 tickets and you all should do the same.. If you only have $10.00 thats good for one ticket and $100.00 for 13 tickets. There is no limit to how many tickets you can buy but the chance to hunt Big Horn Sheep in Idaho would be the dream hunt of a lifetime!!!!

It only takes one ticket to win and the drawing is on the 25th of July so you will have plenty of time to research the best areas to hunt!