Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our Goals for

About Our Team

Team Hunting Life was created out of a dream and a desire to find a way to give back to the hunting community, after our years of work volunteering for wildlife conservation and chasing our dreams of the North American Grand Slam. Having been an outfitter, having been a hunter and a client, we wanted to create the best resource we could to satisfy the needs of the public in researching the very best in todays equipment, resources, outfitters & news. is the culmination of a year in development to create a worldwide information portal for the hunter.

Our goals are as follows:

  • Become the number one community for hunters worldwide.
  • Provide a nationwide listing of quality outfitters worldwide.
  • Provide a national calendar for conservation events, hunting, outdoor shows and seasons of all game in every state.
  • Provide free outfitter reviews to research reputable outfitters.
  • Provide a daily international online magazine and blog to our readers providing daily knowledge to hunters worldwide.
  • Our biggest goal is to provide you the readers with the best information, the best outfitters, the best reviews and the best website in the country. We will be growing changing and listening to our readers to continue to provide the best website we can provide! We will be adding writers and members to our pro staff as we grow.

We Pledge 10% of our revenue to youth education and wildlife conservation so we can continue to protect the habitat that is so important in our pursuit of fair chase hunting worldwide!