Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dennis Brauchle wishes to be known as Relentless by Nature!

Well, Dennis needed a new pair of boots especially after his ugly pair of shoes decided on a jet-setting lifestyle without him.

Luckily for him Wolverine has a great little promotion going on and Dennis is our HERO!

HuntingLife.com is promoting Dennis to be in the next Wolverine print advertisement and hopefully win himself some new boots for our next hunting adventure together! This really looks like a fun promotion for both Dennis and all of you as readers as well. Just log on to the I am Wolverine website sponsored by Wolverine and vote daily for Dennis Brauchle to win this promotion! You are allowed to vote every day and each vote will allow you a chance to win a $100.00 gift certificate to Wolverine and there will be 16 winners over the life of this promotion. I will be reminding you all regularly to help out on this promotion and if you want to you can even sign up and try and win yourselves if you feel you would make a great model for a Wolverine Advertisement! Are you Relentless by Nature?

I know Dennis Brauchle is Relentless by Nature
. Now lets go out and tell the world by voting for him regularly!!!!