Monday, June 25, 2007

Sandy River Outfitters Spring Bear Pictures #2

Some great shots from a fantastic season of spring bear hunting in Manitoba. I have known Harry Walker for over 3 years now and when I was a new outfitter he was the guy I called for advise and he is a stand up guy. His hunts are more then reasonable and with over 14 years of experience guiding hunters in this area of Manitoba, he has the knowledge to help you find your dream buck or bear. His lodge is on the shore of Winnipeg River and they hunt out of several camps. His team has been with him for years and years and I hear he has one heck of great cook. I personally will be hunting with him next year for both bear and deer and if any of you are interested contact Harry directly and tell him you want to hunt with the team from I always like being surrounded with great friends while in camp.

Check out Harry Walker and Sandy River Outfitters and book your trip early.

These are some of the bears that Andy Alfedt took pictures of while in the stand in the 6 days he was hunting. He saw a total of over 16 total bears and took one of the biggest bears of the season.

Carlos Woker took this nice 300# bear.

Carlos and his son Kevin Woker who had already tagged out on the first night.

Carlos and Andy.

James Crossen with his bear taken on his second night in the stand after passing on 6 bears. This was his first bear and he could not be happier.

James and Carlos.

James, Harry Walker and Carlos! Look at that smile on Harry's face with two great happy hunters!

Paul Moore took his bear on the first night and this was the fifth bear to come into the stand! Excellent bear.

Butch Ray took this fine bear that was well over 450 lbs and was one of the biggest bears of the season and it is his first bear ever. Great Job Butch!!!!

Kevin and Carlos with an 8 and 9lb walleye respectively. Great fish guys!

Kevin Woker's Bear with his proud father Carlos.

Kevin with some great walleye and guide Jim Locke.

Kevin with some great fish and a wonderful day fishing on the Winnipeg River.

Travis Basham with a 43 and a half inch Northern Pike! What a fish!

Great looking day on the river with some good looking fish.

Travis Basham with a 10.5 lb Walleye.