Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ALERT...Rocky Mountain Elk Park-- ELK Situation

I got the following email today and I think it is important to post up here because I would love to get on a plane and travel to Estes, CO to give my two cents on this topic and hopefully one of you will do just that! Hopefully the turnout is huge in favor of having a lottery for these precious elk. If they are smart they will hold a raffle for all of the tags and raise some money for the research and management of that entire herd! I would buy at least a $1000.00 worth of tickets to get a chance at one of those big bulls!

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Jay Houston runs the site and has written the book on elk hunting literally, so check out his site and buy his books, I own them all! I hope this does not infringe on any kind of copyright issue but I felt it was best to get the information out there!

The following is an email sent to you by an administrator of " Hunter's Forum".

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Here a copy of a note I got from Jay that he got from Brett Axton.....

"I received the following note from DOW Wildlife Commissioner Rick Enstrom regarding a public hearing on management of the Rocky Mountain NP. Specifically, there will be discussions of using hunters as agents to cull species, as opposed to spending millions of dollars using sharp shooters. If you are in the area, plan to attend and make your comments known on this subject. This is a great way to have grass roots input on the land unit in your backyard. Thank you."

"Just a quick note to alert you to the fact that the CO Wildlife Commission is holding public hearings on the issue in the backyard of the RMNP, Estes Park this Thursday @ 9 a.m. Vaughn Baker, superintendent of RMNP will be in attendance to discuss the effort and the Division will present the DAU plan (population objectives) for the area. Meeting is located at the Holiday Inn - Rocky Mountain National Park, 101 Saint Vrain. Phone (970) - 586-2332."

If you want to have some input about the use of sportsmen to control the Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park instead of hired assassins, try to attend the meeting on Thursday. The more folks the better. Pass this along to other hunters too. I wish I could be there but it's a pretty good drive from my frontyard to that backyard but for you that are close, here's your chance to let your voice be heard....

Have a great day;

Phil "Ol' Arky" Weaver