Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wolf attack on a moose from a tree stand!

I am unsure of the origin of these photos, they were sent from me from a friend in Manitoba who got them from a friend in Ontario! I would be very interested in learning a bit more about the time of year these photos were taken and the original photographer! Either way they are some of the most impressive photos I have seen of what a pack of wolves can do in the wild! I am often amazed when someone tells me not to be afraid of wolves in the back country. I will keep my fear in check, but I will keep a healthy bit of concern when calling elk during archery season and they come running in looking for a fresh meal. While I am glad that wolves will soon be de-listed in the west, I hope we as a society have some tolerance of these amazing creatures and never fully eradicate them because I believe as the Native Americans do that they are a part of the spirit world and must be given the room to roam and hunt as they have for thousands of years.