Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Western tag Applications for Non-Residents

There are a few great services out there to help you navigate the incredibly complex world of applying for tags in different states for trophy areas and trophy species. The process can be rather confusing and complicated. For many species the only way to get drawn for these very special lottery type hunts is to put in each and every year and build up preference points. One example of this is Montana Big Horn Sheep! If you really want an opportunity at this majestic species you are going to have to apply year after year. And you have to send in about $800.00 every year to apply(most of which you get back if you are unlucky in the draw).

Sometimes you will get lucky and get drawn in year one, but more then likely you will have to wait until you have 5 to 15 years worth of preference points of applying for that specific species.

There are several groups out there that do this type of work for you and some of them are booking agents for outfitters as well. Some of these services are very reasonable and some of them are quite expensive. I stumbled across a great service by asking around to everyone I knew who was using these services and came up with Carters Application Service.

These guys do the work of applying for you in all of the western states and they do all of the research as well into the trophy areas so that you are getting into the right draws for the areas that hold trophy animals. Their fees are very simple at $50.00 per state and $10.00 per additional species. They are also very helpful, as I came to find out today after I had completely screwed up my form, their staff helped me to sort out the areas that I wanted to apply and had all of the facts and figures I needed in order to get started at a reasonable pace.

I also ordered a membership to their magazine Huntinfool and I will have a review of that up on the blog in the near future. I have not used them as a booking agent so I will not speak for that part of their business but I really did enjoy working with the application team.

Check them out at www.huntinfool.com!