Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Day Two of the snowstorm of the month!

This morning was a very early get up to check out the weather report and the report was not good. I decided to run over to the Atlantis and play some tournament Texas Hold-Em and give the storm some time! I got 28 hands of crappy cards and played 4 hands and got busted out nice and quickly so we got on the road at noon after getting mom an oil change and some new wiper blades! We jumped on I-80 and headed west and got about 5 miles from Truckee, CA and spent the next 4 hours going a total of 3 miles! In that last 2 miles it snowed 6 inches in about 2 hours! Tahoe, CA is expected to get 10 to 18 inches and tomorrow afternoon I may end up trying to see if I can catch a flight out of Reno and leave mom to hang out for 3-4 days until the storm fully passes!

I have a ton of comments on all of the pictures and I am hoping to work on those tonight!