Friday, February 23, 2007

Pictures from the RMEF Convention Thursday

Here are some great pictures. A few are sideways and I apologize but at this late hour there is nothing I can do! I hope you enjoy!

A couple of really beautiful coastal brown bears. Some day I hope to get up to Alaska and get an opportunity to hunt these beautiful bears!

One of Mossback's beautiful elk!
One of the famed Mossback Muleys!
My mom(Mary) getting close to one beautiful bear mount!
The very first item up for bid in the mens hunter auction. It sold for a mere $100.00

One beautiful fish coffee table!

The Lewis & Clark Quilt!
A beautiful wood burning!

Handcrafted mirror!
A custom hat by Rands
A wooden RMEF electric guitar!

Pool table with the RMEF logo!

An elk chandelier I would love to have! If I only had a house that could hold it!

A really nice bed!
Various art!
The elk chair!
Hand created log furniture!

An original piece!
A really nice painting all on turkey feathers!

A grand slam of Bronze sheep(Dall Sheep, Big horn, Stone Sheep and Dessert sheep)
A beautiful original of a couple of bears playing!

Rifles for the auctions on Friday and Saturday!
Yes it is a real Clydesdale and it will be brought into the auction floor. My expectation is somewhere between 30 and 50 thousand dollars will come for this horse! Budweiser is very generous to elk country and to conservation!
Moose sculpture of elk!

This is the one tag I would really like to bid on! It will go for somewhere over $30,000.

A beautiful Gun case that went at auction today for about $1500.00

The Big Game Rifle for 2007!

We love Budweiser in ELK COUNTRY!

The Runners!
This bull grosses 411! All I can say is WOW!

One Beautiful Muley!

Cowgirl Runners sponsored by Brunton!

Lunch is served!

Dennis Jones Studio
This is a coffee table that trickles water down for the elk to wallow in! An amazing piece of art!

One Big Cat bronze!

The Auction Stage where it all takes place!

Mom got a new watch and I am saving up my money to bid on a couple of items but really not yet sure what or when. Otherwise the opening night was a great dinner and Bill Engevol the comedian was very very funny! I doubled my money in the casino tonight and I am looking forward to the friends of the foundation breakfast coming early at 8am! I am off to bed!