Thursday, February 22, 2007

Arrival in RENO a day early!

This young man is 82 years old and got to stand in the Magic Money tower and collect funds from the swirling masses of cash. The lady running the booth was supposed to give him 30 seconds and since it was his birthday gave him about 3 minutes in the booth so he got to collect about 100.00 or so in ones and fives! Very nice gentleman and we all cheered him on!

The Silver Legacy is ready for the onslaught of the RMEF! They really do such a great job of taking care of us all here! I really do enjoy this city and I appreciate the opportunity to visit every year!

This sign is famous and you cant even get in close.. So this is the best picture that I am going to get during the week.

The clouds were looking a bit ugly over the Sierra Nevada Range but I am sure the skiers in Tahoe were getting a bit excited! Sounds look they could get a good foot up there tonight and the powder hounds are ready!

Sheplers Western Wear is an institution to the serious western wear buyer! I got a new pair of jeans and looked for some new boots but I decided to pass and will have to keep shopping for the right pair!