Wednesday, February 14, 2007 Domain for Sale

I just got an inquiry from an outfitter asking me to sell to them the domain name. I currently own that domain and it is currently forwarded to the site! It is officially for sale as of today and here is how it is going to work. This domain is very valuable and could offer its owner a wealth of opportunity. The price is now set at $10,000.00 and whoever buys it will have to write one check for the site directly to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation so that it can be put into a Habitat Partnership to provide conservation funds on the ground. I am not negotiable on this amount, and I will not in any way receive a dime for this transfer! I want the value to go to the majestic elk and other wildlife throughout the land that we all call elk country!

It will be for sale starting today and will be listed for sale from now until December 31st, 2007. At that time if it is not sold, it will be donated directly to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and they will have the opportunity to auction it off for the same cause! Feel free to contact me at anytime via email at