Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fredericksburg, VA National Wild Turkey Banquet

Saturday, April 7th started off with snow on the ground. There has not been snow on the ground in April in like 20+ years! Luckily it was only 2 inches and the roads were nice and clear. I had a local National Wild Turkey Foundation banquet to attend and work at. The local committee has doubled up the attendance this year and the banquet promised to be a good one. I got there at 9am ready to set up and the team pulled together and got everything ready.

The raffle table being picked over for great tickets on countless prizes and some great guns.

Some of our raffles girls and auction girls.

Brandon McGuire working over at the Jakes table helping to sign up new Jakes members and raffle off a new bicycle.

Tom Worrell and our local Virginia Fish and Game Officer talking about a recent bust of a poacher in Virginia. There is nothing I hate more then poachers! They are stealing the game that belongs to us all.
John Shaw who is a local artist here in Fredericksburg and his work is absolutely amazing. Every year he donates a couple of his great works to our chapter and they always do very well for the NWTF.

Some of our committee members!

Kelly Strauss and Family! His young daughter is getting a hair cut on Tuesday, one of her very first hair cuts and the her hair is being donated to Locks of Love. For the last several years, Kelly has been donating his services as our auctioneer and he does a great job with our crew! I have been lucky enough to be a spotter at several of these banquets and love it! I get to yell and have fun, what more can you ask for! Kelly, you have an amazing family!

We gave Brandon McGuire his scholarship for college and I got a moment to thank him for being a great friend! This chapter means a lot to me because it was at their Jakes Day that I was at passing out fishing rods to the kids where I met Brandon and Holly! I look forward to many more years of hunting with Brandon as he is has become a great friend.

Holly McGuire, Brandon McGuire, Bill Newman(Chapter Chair, Fredericksburg NWTF), myself and Kevin Grubbs(Virginia NWTF Regional Director).

Veronika walking around with a Thomas Kincaide print at our banquet!

Brandon with his scholarship.

Our live auction brought in $15,360.00 dollars for wild turkey habitat and conservation! With our raffles, silent auction, and memberships the committee had a wonderful night! Thank you to all the hunter conservationists who attended this event.