Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Outdoor Blogosphere Version 1

If you are anything like me, you have one or two sites that you visit each and every day no matter what happens in your busy day. To be perfectly honest, I have 20-30 that I visit each and every day to look for new tidbits of information to bring to my faithful readers and to make myself richer for the experience.

First stop is Bill MacFarland at HuntInfo and MacFarland Adventures.
Bill is getting a ton of posts up this week including a great post about the Pennsylvania Elk Tags going on sale this week. Every year the Pennsylvania Game Commission puts up some tags on a lottery basis and the lucky winners of this lottery get a chance to take a cow or bull in Pennsylvania. If you are lucky enough to get drawn(and it takes a lot of luck) you have the chance at taking a monster bull. Pennsylvania has the right mix of nutrients in the soil, great food sources and a great genetic herd. Pennsylvania has done an amazing job at managing their herd of elk and if you get a chance go visit because they are absolutely MAGNIFICENT animals. The Pennsylvania RMEF is one of the strongest in the country and the state of Pennsylvania is going to create an Elk Country Visitors Center in Pennsylvania that will house one of the Budweisers Clydesdale horses that was just purchased by an amazing group of people. The link to purchase an opportunity for the tag in Pennsylvania is here: Pennsylvania Elk Drawing.

I invested my $10.00 today and I recommend that you get online and get in on this fantastic opportunity!

Rex over at the Deer Camp Blog has a great post about Fred Bear and his father hunting together in Mississippi and an amazing photo of Fred Bear with a lion that he took with his bow! Fred Bear and Jack O'Connor are personal hero's of mine!

Othmar of Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer has a great little story of a young Shane and his first turkey. I still remember my first turkey, My first duck, my first hunt.... like they were yesterday! Go on over and read his blog and buy one of his hats! He is a celebrity with his own hats!

I always head over to the Outdoor Pressroom that has all the outdoor news Hand-Picked and Washed for review! They put up 5-10 stories a day and it is always interesting articles from around the country! Of course they missed a great story here in Fredericksburg about our local NWTF banquet which I was hoping he would get up! No hard feeling though!

Terrier Man
just interests the heck out of me and keeps me thinking and I like reading things that make me think. I am hoping he is going to invite me out someday to watch him work those terriers of his. He lives close!

The team over at Bright Ideas Outdoors has shared some really great stories and personal insight in the past week and again a really good small moment of wonder brought to us by an artist and a dead tree. I like that this artist is making his small mark on the world. I hope the team brings us every new painting throughout the year! Its good to know their are other VA bloggers out there!

North Dakota's Outdoors and Beyond has Doug Leier bringing us great news from the upper Midwest and beyond including some great information Paddle Fish(Now I have to go catch one, I added it to my list) and fishing updates. Next year I will be making a trip to try out this paddlefishing thing!

There are more that I view each and every day but I will have to include those on the next go around. Version 2