Thursday, April 26, 2007

Quick pictures from todays spring turkey hunt

This morning I hunted with the shotgun because I wanted to get into an area that I had not hunted and hear some birds. I did hear one gobbler 3 times at 6:30 am and then nothing! I moved closer called lightly till 8am and then moved to explore the area. I was hunting in unit 16A and it has some really nice little areas. I look forward to coming back in deer season and I am hoping to get back tomorrow morning bright and early to get a little closer to where I think that gobbler was roosted.

I love Quantico, amazing area, filled with wildlife but I really really wish we could go in the evening and roost birds and not be hunting so blindly. I guess in time I will learn the areas much better! Today I was the only person in this entire area of at least 500 acres or more...Back at it tomorrow at 4:45am!

Virginia Dogwoods!

Unknown tree but I like them! I was told once by Richard Rose the name of this tree and how they are very prized in Japan for the wood and flowers. I understand they used to fly over areas and look for them in ultralights and then sweep in and if they were honest, buy them from the landowner and if they were dishonest steal them.