Sunday, April 22, 2007

Where are the gobblers?

Well the beard on my face is getting thicker and the lack of gobbles in the woods has me perplexed. I walked all over 6C in Quantico and I never heard a bird gobble. For turkey season, getting an archery pass to hunt is very very easy! Those who were looking for shotgun areas were running out of good places to go!

This was my first attempts at hunting out of a blind and I am already learning a couple of lessons. First of all this blind is about 15 lbs and with my tripod, my video camera some turkey calls, my Mathews Switchback and a cold soda I hit the woods before dark and set about a third of a mile from the truck. Not a single gobble. I hung out and called sparingly and then aggressively and nothing! I headed out of the woods to hit the other side of 6C and found the edge of a trout stream and some steeper hills. I climbed up one and set up on the top of a hill and did some more calling until 11:15 and backed off the mountain. I stopped by to drop off my pass and got back on the road home. I did not ask how many turkeys were taken this fine Saturday but I am sure some folks got lucky.

This week my goal is to get in two good mornings of hunting and I am going to be bringing my shotgun to get in some run and gun time in so I can explore some new areas. I need to find a loud aggressive gobbler with a bit of luck on my side before 9am so I can get on the road to the office. If it takes longer, it takes longer so be it. I have never been a big run and gun hunter for spring gobblers but I am going to try and make it happen. Wish me luck and I am more then willing to take advise in the comments section!