Friday, April 27, 2007

The Outdoor Blogosphere Version 2

The Idaho Fishin Times Blog is a great read with some good pictures of some really great pictures. I spent a couple of years cruising by the St. Joe River and never got a chance to actually drop a fly line in that river. I used to drool over some of those stream pockets and wish I could get three good hours of time on that stream. Someday I will get the chance to fish some of those steams and tributaries.

Heartland Outdoorsman has some great blogs and a great little forum going on over at their site! I really enjoy flipping through the forums and seeing what the readers have had to say. They have a bloggers network going on and are trying to make a business of it! I wish them luck and hope they keep up the great work.

Missouri Sports and Outdooors
has a nice little blog that covers a bit more then hunting and fishing but its a great read none the less. I killed my first turkey near Festus, MO on a friends farm called appropriately THE WILDERNESS. I chased that bird up and down over 5 hills and close to a mile and half. He would be on the top of one hill and then in the bottoms and then on top of the hill and then in the bottoms.. finally I gave up and gave a long cutting sequence and took a break... He came running in and I dropped him at 20 yards. A great bird with a great friend on a great farm.... Cant wait to get back there!

Riding in the Backcountry
is a great read on all things horses and mules. Russ Barnett is based out of Montana and owns an Outfitters Supply Company in Columbia Falls. His knowledge of horses and mules is excellent and his writing is topnotch.

More to come in Version 3.......