Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Outdoor Blogosphere Version 3

Desert Rat is planning his fall hunting season and his blog is fantastic. If you want to know information about Arizona and hunting in the South West this is definitely your best blog to read!

Hunting in America looks like it could be a really great blog and with some work and effort. The posts are interesting and it is still worth checking out with hope that it grows into something great.

David from Sparta, TN has a great little blog punctuated with some great writing straight from the heart on Hunting Wild Game/A way of Life! I really like reading what he has to offer and his advise is golden. His second blog Hunting Memories of the Past is absolutely worth reading as well.

East Coast Hunting and Outdoors focuses on New Jersey hunting with some great writing and pictures galore. Check them out and look at the nice tom they took on April 18th.

Moose Droppings is another one of the Skinny Moose Media Blogs and the site is great with some great pictures of Elk on the east coast. As a strong supporter of elk on the east coast it is good to keep up with this blog.

Still more to come.......