Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturdays Turkey Hunt

Saturdays hunt was a good one although I heard not a single gobble! I heard a couple of gun shots in areas around me but I have no idea where the turkeys where. The weather was excellent and slightly overcast. I saw four or five deer over the course of 5 hours. I had the opportunity to explore the area very well and I found some great areas for deer season and I am looking forward to the fall and getting my stands set.

While exploring I found that in less then two weeks the life of spring is sprung up all around. There were turtles, frogs, squirrels, birds, deer and not a darn turkey anywhere I looked!

Frogs eggs
Different frogs eggs

One of a couple of different turtles I found.
A slightly smaller turtle!
More frogs eggs
Frogs eggs. It would be interesting to know which frogs were laying which eggs. None the less it was a wonderful day!