Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wyoming Governers Tag being sold on EBAY!

Interested in an Elk Tag for anywhere in Wyoming! Purchase this Commissioners Elk Tag! Being Sold on EBAY by TROUT UNLIMITED.

I could think of better ways to get rid of this tag and make more money for Trout Unlimited! Personally I would of done a raffle or held a larger auction. Either way, this is a great deal and a hell of a tax write off! One Check for a massive right off and all the money going to Trout Conservation.

The East Yellowstone Chapter of Trout Unlimited in Cody, Wyoming is offering a 2007 Commissioner's Elk License. The successful bidder will be guaranteed the right to purchase a 2007 Wyoming elk hunting license. Normal Wyoming elk hunting licenses are sold on a lottery draw system that is already closed for 2007 (nonresidents). This guaranteed license avoids the application lottery system and guarantees the right to purchase a license. This license was made available to our TU Chapter by one of the Wyoming Game & Fish Commissioner's as a fundraiser for charitable conservation groups.

This hunting license is good in any of the hunt areas in the State of Wyoming (except in Grand Teton National Park) for any of the 2007 seasons. The successful bidder must specify the season, area and type of hunt at the time the license is issued, as well as purchase the license from the Wyoming Game & Fish Department for the normal fee (Nonresident = $481 or Resident = $43).

The successful bidder must provide their own hunting arrangements as this purchase is strictly a hunting license guarantee. A complete list of outfitters can be obtained from the Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association at All Wyoming hunting regulations must be followed and are available at

Holders of Commissioner's Complimentary Licenses are exempt from the provisions which limit the number of licenses an individual can possess in any one calendar year. Thus, a current license holder who was successful in the general lottery draw for an elk hunting license can purchase this license and harvest a second elk in 2007. Unsuccessful lottery applicants can now guarantee themselves a license for this year.

At the discretion of the successful bidder, he/she may choose to use this license for deer or for antelope instead of for elk provided that the election is specified at the time of license purchase.

Trout Unlimited (a 501(c)3 nonprofit) was issued this license by a Wyoming Game & Fish Commissioner to be used as a charitable fundraiser. Thus, the entire bid amount is 100% tax deductible. A letter declaring the tax deductible status will accompany the license application packet. Proceeds will be used for conservation programs to preserve, protect and enhance cold water fisheries in northwest Wyoming.

Questions concerning this guaranteed elk license can be e-mailed to A copy of the Wyoming Game & Fish issuance letter and the instruction sheet for the license recipient can be provided upon request to authenticate this offer.