Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bull Run Banquet 3/17/07 RMEF

There are a lot of happy kids here with some brand new binoculars! Now these dads and moms wont have to share their own binoculars and the kids are going to be that much happier when they are out there in the woods. Pretty soon these kids will be spotting animals before their parents!

These binoculars are a donation from this website! My commitment is that 10% of gross revenue is going to be donated to conservation in some way! So far it has all been donations and no revenue but I know that will change here in the near future! July 4th, 2007 this website will change dramatically and it will become a full time job for me getting everyone the best information I can find, conservation news, outfitters and equipment reviews and a nationwide online calender of conservation and hunting events! More content then you can shake a stick at! Thank you to Bull Run Banquet for an excellent banquet and the entire committee for a great day and a great banquet! What a great way to spend a day!

Curtis Lewis getting ready to buy some raffle tickets and winning another gun!