Sunday, March 04, 2007

RMEF Auction Prices for 2007 ELK CAMP

Auction Prices for the RMEF Auctions at the National Elk Camp in RENO February 22nd – 25th, 2007! We recorded these to the best of our ability and if there are any errors we are most apologetic!

Ladies Luncheon Auction Thursday

LL101 Pink Leupold Rifle Scope $2150.00
LL102 Blackfeet Indian Doll $600.00
LL103 VIP Package for 2008 Reno Elk Camp $1300.00
LL104 Wine Barrel Wine Rack $2100.00
LL105 Ranger Buckles Unknown
LL106 Taking Flight Original Painting $350.00
LL107 Remington Mountain Rifle LSS Unknown
LL108 Rocky’s Hat Painted by Larry Zabel $350.00
LL109 Montana “Trails Angels” Pack Trip for 6 $8280.00
LL110 RMEF Wine Bottle Magnum $800.00
LL111 Wyoming Antelope Hunt $3000.00
LL112 Elk At Sawmill Lake Saw Blade Art $1000.00
LL113 Oregon Wines $800.00
LL114 Elk Antler Wine Glass Holder $800.00
LL115 Ladies Elk Ivory & Diamond Ring $500.00
LL116 Outdoor Furniture Set $1250.00
LL117 Alan Jackson Autographed Guitar $3000.00
LL118 Orginal Painting by Bruce Miller $325.00
LL119 Yellowstone Winter Getaway $800.00
LL120 Elk Ivory Jewelry $750.00
LL121 Elk Family Quilt $650.00
LL122 Elk Hide with Laser Etched Elk $700.00
LL123 Wyoming Shutter Hunt $1500.00
LL124 Ladies 4day Turkey Hunt $5550.00
LL125 Westervelt .270 Custom Stock Rifle $1100.00
LL126 Log Hope Chest $900.00
LL127 TWC/Double H Tour $1300.00
LL128 Ladies Elk Ivory Watch $1800.00
LL129 Weatherby Orion 28 GA shotgun $2000.00
LL130 Hand Carved Armoire $5750.00
LL131 Three’s a Crowd Giclee By Nancy Cawdrey $1100.00
LL132 Elk Foundation Women’s Trail Ride $1000.00
LL133 Leather Tooled Mirror $2250.00
LL134 Cabela’s Optics Package $1500.00
LL135 The Gardener Original by Larry Zabel $3750.00
LL136 Ladies pendant and ring Set $1500.00
LL137 Oregon Fly School for 2 ladies $2700.00
LL138 Royal Itch Bronze 16 of 30 $1100.00
LL139 Wagon Wheel Outdoor Art $2400.00
Add On Blanket $400.00
Add On TJ’s Beach Shorts $800.00

Mens Hunter Bonanza Auction – Thursday

HL201 Knit Camo Bikini $100.00
HL202 Trout Stream Coffee Table $800.00
HL203 Gent’s Elk Ivory Ring $600.00
HL204 Bushnell Yardage Pro Elite 1500 Arc $450.00
HL205 Marlin Model 1895 XLR Embellished
By Baron $2000.00
HL206 Oregon Hell’s Canyon Cast & Blast $1600.00
HL207 Taxidermy by Trophies Unlimited $800.00
HL208 Hoyt Trykon XL Bow $825.00
HL209 Nevada Packing & Guiding clinic $1700.00
HL210 Knight Muzzleloader $700.00
HL212 Idaho Black Bear Hunt by B Bar C
Russell Pond Outfitters $1500.00
HL213 Ultimate Ramp $650.00
HL214 Five-Drawer Juniper High boy Dresser $700.00
HL215 Wyoming Fishing Trip by Thorofare
Outfitters $900.00
HL216 Moose Hand-Painted Saw Blade $800.00
HL217 Montana Elk & Deer Hunt for one $3000.00
HL218 Hunt’N Haul Dog transport $800.00
HL219 Montana Guest ranch stay for 2 $900.00
HL220 Utility trailer 5 by 8 $1100.00
HL221 Westervelt. 300 Custom Stocked Rifle $1700.00
HL222 Mexico Winter Hunting and Fishing Trip $2100.00
HL223 Hand Crafted Gun Cabinet $900.00
HL224 Packmayr Saur Model 200 German 30.06 $1950.00
HL225 Fishing Trip with J. Dart $2300.00
HL226 Custom Tom Horn Style Hat by Rand’s $1150.00
HL227 Wyoming Antelope Hunt by $2200.00
HL228 Pachmayr Orion Weatherby 410-GA
Over/Under Shotgun $2300.00
HL229 Original Canvas Painting $800.00
HL230 Montana Summer Fishing Trip $1900.00
HL231 George Armstong Custer Historical Piece $2700.00
HL232 Colorado Elk Hunt $3700.00
HL233 Lewis & Clark Commemorative Quilt $700.00
HL234 Calif 5 Night House Rental $600.00
HL235 Cabela’s Outfitter Series Package $2400.00
HL236 New Zealand 5 Day Chamois Hunt $3400.00
HL237 2007 BGB Rifle and Knife #23 $3950.00
HL238 Karuk Gaming Drum $750.00
HL 239 Browning HiPower .40 S & W $2000.00
Add on Elk Rug $400.00

Friday’s Auction

FL301 RMEF Ring Crew Shirt Quilt $750.00
FL302 The Crossing Giclee Print $600.00
FL303 Montana Whitetail Deer Hunt $2600.00
FL304 Pecos Bill – Another Amazing Mule $32,000.00
FL305 The Showman Bronze by Chris Navarro $700.00
FL306 Wyoming Governer’s Permit $13,000.00
FL307 Blue Pine Dresser $1900.00
Fl308 African Grand Hunt $5,000.00
FL309 Limited Edition Premium Hat $750.00
FL310 On the Fly Driftwood Trout Carving $700.00
FL311 Wyoming 6 day Elk and Antelope Hunt $3250.00
FL312 Custom Belgian 30.06 Rifle $1500.00
FF313 Chama, NM Bull Elk Hunt $5500.00
FL314 Montan Rifle Elk & Mule Deer Hunt $5000.00
FL315 Elk Antler Floor & Table Lamp $1700.00
FL316 Bahamas 7 Day Retreat $5500.00
Fl317 The Hard Part Limited Bronze $1200.00
FL318 Kentucky Elk Permit $25,000.00
FL319 Elk Ivory Necklace $3500.00
FL320 New Mexico Muzzle/Archery Elk Hunt $3900.00
FL321 Original Glass & Metal & Art Plate $2000.00
FL322 Montana Special Mountain Goat Permit $9,000.00
FL323 Complete Elk Camp $3250.00
FL324 Argentina Golden Eared Dove Hunt $2,000.00
FL325 Running Adrift Original Moose
Antler Carving $3,000.00
FL326 Colorado Mule Deer Hunt $3750.00
FL327 1993 BGB Remington 700 30.06 $3500.00
FL328 New Mexico Elk Hunt $4500.00
FL329 Trophy Elk Bronze Set of 4 $1750.00
FL330 Oregon Statewide Elk Tag $32,500.00
FL331 King Bed with Built in Bench $2,000.00
FL332 Africa 10 day Grand Hunt
By $5250.00
FL333 Fleetwood Pool Table $4250.00
FL334 Talladega Superspeedway Race Weekend $13,000.00
FL335 Herd Bull Limited Edition Bronze $1700.00
FL336 Colorado Semi-Guided Drop Camp for 4 $6750.00
FL337 Handcrafted Custom Saddle $2750.00
FL338 Wyoming Youth Deer Hunt $3,000.00
FL339 Hand Painted Saw $2,000.00
FL340 TWC/Double H Ranch Rifle Mule Deer
Hunt $17,000.00
FL341 Up the Ridge Original Oil by
Mary Ann Cherry $1700.00
FL342 Nevada Wildlife Heritage Elk Tag $47,500.00
FL343 Hand Carved Huntboard $5,000.00
FL344 New Zealand Red Stag Hunt $5700.00
FL345 Tortenson Commemorative Rifle $13,000.00
FL346 Montana Blackfeet Reservation Elk Hunt $15,000.00
FL347 Handcrafted Damascus Knife $750.00
FL348 Rocky Mountain Challenge Bronze $3500.00
FL349 Alberta Rifle or Bow Mule Deer Hunt $3750.00
FL350 HS Precision Pro 2000 Sporter 300 wsm $3750.00
FL351 New Zealand Hunt for 4 $10,000.00
FL352 Mule Deer Chandelier $2500.00
FL353 Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt $2750.00
FL354 Singing the Blues Painting Unknown
FL355 Colorado Elk Hunt $8500.00
FL356 Remington Rifle 700 $2,000.00
FL357 Delaney Custom Elec Guitar RMEF logo $2,250.00
FL358 Nevada Wildlife Heritage Mule Deer Tag $60,000.00
FL359 Bear Hand Painted Saw blade $800.00
FL360 Montana 5 day Royal Teton Ranch
Trip for 2 $3,000.00
FL361 Cabela’s Sportsmen’s Travel Package $3,000.00
FL362 New Mexico Landownders Elk Tag $4250.00
FL363 African Safari $5,000.00

Saturdays Luncheon Auction

SL401 Elk Antler Rocking Chair $1450.00
SL402 Montana Elk and Deer Archery Hunt $3300.00
SL403 Two Trout Wood Carving $2100.00
SL404 Colorado Statewide Special Elk Permit $21,000.00
SL405 Emerald Necklace and Earings $2600.00
SL406 Nevada Pack-in Wilderness
Mule Deer hunt $4,200.00
SL407 Mutual Respect – Elk & Grizzly
Original painting $1500.00
Sl408 Idaho Elk Hunt with Wayne Carlton $7,000.00
SL409 2002 Big Game Banquet Rifle $2700.00
SL408A Laser Shot Rifle and Pistol set Unknown
SL410 Alberta 7 day Pack Trip $1000.00
SL411 Rifle Black Hills $2500.00
SL412 Arkansas Elk Permit $30,000.00
SL413 Original Painting by Randy Van Beek $2400.00
SL414 Montana Youth Hunt Mule Deer $2250.00
SL415 Twenty Miles to go wood and
Antler Carving Unknown
SL416 Nosler Custom Rifle $5250.00
SL417 Bahamas Marlin Fishing Tournament $1300.00
SL417A Cape Buffalo and Croc Hunt $8000.00
SL418 50th Anniv Ruger Blackhawk Pair $3,000.00
SL419 Goliath Limited Edition Bronze $3200.00
SL420 Wyoming Elk Rifle or Archery Hunt $4700.00
SL421 Elk Ivory & Diamond Pendant $7,000.00
SL422 New Zealand Bull Tahr Hunt $1700.00
SL423 Original Painting on Turkey Feathers $3500.00
SL424 Arizona Special Elk Tag Statewide $120,000.00
SL425 Elk Antler Chandelier $8000.00
SL426 TWC Double H Ranch Muzzleloader hunt $21,000.00
SL427 2007 Bombardier Outlander 500 ATV $7500.00
SL428 Alaska 7 day Iditarod trip for Two $4500.00
SL429 Out of the Clouds Bronze $13,000.00
SL430 Idaho Drop Camp Elk Hunt $2200.00
SL431 Budwieser Cydesdale Horse $20,000.00
SL432 Custom Belgian 270 Rifle $2100.00
SL433 Montana Special Elk Permit $27,000.00
SL434 Theftproof Handcrafted Gun Cabinet $9,000.00
SL435 Montana Jack Creek Youth or Womens
Rifle Elk and Deer Hunt $8500.00
SL436 Patriot’s Ring $6,700.00
SL437 Idaho RMEF habitat tour pack trip $2700.00
SL438 African Leopard and Mountain Zebra hunt $6,700.00
SL439 Elk Life Membership Number 15L $2100.00
SL440 New Mexico Special Elk Permit $40,000.00
SL441 Chance Encounter Limited Bronze $3700.00
SL442 Colorado Rifle or Archery Elk hunt $8,000.00
SL443 Hand Carved Foyer Bench $5,200.00
SL444 The Ultimate BBQ Kitchen $3,700.00
SL445 TWC/Double H Ranch Helicopter Tour $14,000.00
SL446 Grand Slam Set of Four Sheep Bronzes 4/20 $8,000.00
SL447 Original Painted Screen $2100.00
SL448 African Grand Hunt $14,000.00
Add On Pink Chipmunk Rifle .22 caliber $21,000.00
SL449 Log Bedroom Set $7,000.00
SL450 Henry Big Boy Deluxe 44 mag $4,000.00
SL451 Washington East Side Elk Permit $47,000.00
SL452 Chairmans Edition Rifle(Buddy Smith) $9,500.00
SL453 Scratched
SL454 Original Painting by Larry Zabel $8,000.00
SL455 Montana Blackfeet Nation Moose Hunt $22,000.00
SL456 Leggo me Coho Bronze $1,100.00
SL457 Arizona White Mountain Apache
Chairman’s Special Elk Permit $60,000.00
SL458 Elk Antler Chandelier $6,000.00
SL459 New Mexico Zuni Reservation Bull
Elk hunt permit $23,000.00
SL460 Protector 6031 Gun Safe $3,200.00
SL461 New Zealand White Stag Hunt $9,500.00
SL462 Elk Ivory Necklace and Earring Set $4200.00
Sl463 Red Cedar and Willow wood Carving $1600.00

Grand Banquet & Auction Saturday Night

GB901 The Rose .22 Pistol by Ron Yellowhorse $4,000.00
GB902 Diamond & Elk Ivory Pendant
And Earrings $8,000.00
GB903 Daytona 500 50th Anniversary Nascar
Package for 4 Donated by
Anheuser-Busch $26,000.00
GB904 Mountain Heir Limited Bronze $3,000.00
GB905 Wyoming Elk hunt with Thorofare Outfitters
And Commissioners Elk Permit $20,000.00
GB906 Grand Safari in Africa $8,000.00