Monday, March 19, 2007

Looking for Sponsorships

The original idea of this blog was to focus on Outdoors, News, Hunting, Kids, Conservation and the story of building this website! I don't think there has been more then one post on the process of building the website. The majority of the development has been in my head and taken directly to some of the best geeks I could find. The majority of the advertising dollars to pay for this development will come from outfitters looking to advertise their hunts in every state, Province and country in the world. We are going to cap the amount of advertisers from each state at 14 total with 10 of them being big game outfitters(Deer, Elk, bear, moose, sheep, goats and such) and 4 of them being waterfowl and upland bird resources.

We are also looking for a select group of sponsors of high end gear(the best of the best) to work with on a regular basis and for the long term plan to bring you a television show Hunting Life Adventures. For the short term we will be sponsoring some other TV shows and spending the majority of our money on conservation, Search Engine Marketing and growth for the next year. Our Television show will absolutely not be coming out anytime before the year 2009, as I am going to focus on quality versus quantity. What I can say about the TV show is that we will focus 75 of our hunts on big western game(elk, mule deer, moose, sheep and goats) and the rest on traditional Whitetail and bird hunts(turkey, upland game and ducks, geese). We will show missed opportunities, missed shots, and 100% fair chase hunts! We will always talk about conservation and we will do whatever it takes to get kids out hunting.

So if you work in the outdoor industry, lets talk about what I am creating and see if we can work together. I am selective and I will only talk about a product that I truly believe in!