Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Nebraska introduces new bill designed to get kids hunting!


The number of deer and turkey permits increased last year in Nebraska, but other numbers are on the decline. Jerry Pecha, Supervisor of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission District 6 said, "One way to get people interested in the outdoors." LB 690 is a bill created to let kids enjoy hunting with a mentor earlier than ever. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, including District 6 in Kearney, have supported the Legislation.

"The younger they start with anything the more interest you have," explains Pecha, "So they'll be able to hunt big game turkey and deer prior to age 12 and without a hunter's safety course."
Wild turkeys would be taken off of the big game list hoping to bring more interest. "If we're going to have the same revenue to take care of our hunting grounds in the state we're going to price ourselves right out of business and we can't do that," said Senator Tom Carlson of District 38.

LB 690 also lets people between 12 and 29 try out hunting once before taking the hunter's education class. Pecha adds, "I could see where I'd rather go out and try it and I think most people are that way because nobody wants to have a course first, especially the younger they are they'd rather go out there and try out hunting and fishing."

"So they've just had a taste of what it could be that provides the enthusiasm to take the training so they continue," describes Carlson. Growing a vital part of the outdoor sports industry in Nebraska. "It's an economic development tool, so I think it's a worth while effort," concludes Carlson. Officials say that the bill has a pretty good chance of moving to the next round of the Legislature.