Sunday, March 04, 2007

New Archery Set up for Arrows!

About a year ago, I met some guys from Aftershock Archery and they handed me a set of their broadheads to test out and I never got around to it. The problem being is that the only archery hunting I planned on doing was in Idaho this year and they do not allow expanding broadheads. This year I am headed up to Saskatchewan with Horn's Whitetail Adventures and I am planning on going after bear with my Mathews Bow! I need to change my set up a bit as I hate tracking and want the kind of penetration needed to bring down a 500# plus bear! So I am going to switch to these broadheads from Aftershock Archery. I am also going to switch to the Easton Axis ST Full Metal Jacket arrows in 400 grain with the Bohning Turbo Nock HTAX Vanes! I am seeking a heavy arrow with a slightly slower speed and tremendous amounts of penetration! I am going to pick up the arrows this week and begin testing them with the turbo nocks and then I am going to field test them on a pig hunt at the end of April! I will keep you all informed!