Friday, May 25, 2007

Day six in Saskatchewan, day four in the stand!

Yesterday we were skunked 7 hours in the stand and not a bear to be seen. Thats Hunting!!! The weather was sunny and windy and the bears must of been napping for the afternoon. I tried my bear call for about 15 minutes as we knew Kelly was coming with the Rhino and I wanted to see if anything would come in but nothing did and we got picked up and headed back to the lodge for another wonderful meal by Bertha and home cooked Apple Pie ala mode.

I now am starting to develop a Fat little belly! Today we are hoping for one last night in the stand where we see a bear with a Fat Little BELLY!!!! I have passed on about 10 plus bears that would of all been average and I have decided to GO BIG OR GO HOME empty handed! So I will continue to hold out for the big bruin that haunts my dreams...