Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day Three pictures and story from Horns Whitetail Adventures

This morning we took off and did some fishing had two great meals and then hit the bear stands about 3pm. About 4:15pm a real small bear came into the stand and tore the place up. Max and I both got some fantastic footage and if all goes well I will have it up on Youtube and the blog by tomorrow morning! The bear was not a shooter but he sure was amazing to watch! The way he could climb that tree and move around was fascinating to watch and a real thrill. She was not the least interested in what we were doing and I don't think she even knew we were there! We are pretty sure she was a sow but might of been a real small boar. Either way we enjoyed watching here and the footage is impressive! Hopefully tomorrow we see a bigger bear come in and we will go from there! I am having a ton of fun. The fishing was horrible but the afternoon in the stand was wonderful! The food is more then I hoped for and I am going to be gaining more weight in camp! I am going to have to hit the gym all of next week!