Saturday, May 19, 2007

Story from the Travel Day and Pictures from Day One in Saskatchewan

Friday was close to a 24 hour day! Max and Stacy were detained in the Saskatoon Customs office while I was whisked through and Joe was held as well. I spent 3 plus hours in the airport waiting for them to be released from customs. With all of the camera equipment they brought they were forced to buy Temporary Resident Cards to be able to enter the country. Since they are not getting paid to film this hunt or any hunts they should not have been forced to have to purchase the temporary resident cards but in order to get out of customs they complied at a cost of over $700.00! I was beginning to think that they were going to be sent home and I would be stuck in Saskatoon for the night and have to figure out how to get to Sled Lake but finally they walked out and we got headed out on the road!

Our first stop was Sports Warehouse were I bought a warmer shirt and I got to see the mount for Michelle Leqvie's Polar Bear! Michelle is the first woman to take a polar bear with a bow and it is a beautiful mount and an amazing accomplishment! Really excellent store, check it out if you are in Saskatoon any time soon!!!!

Today was a non-hunting day. We cannot actually start hunting until Monday. This morning was filled with a real nice morning of rest a wonderful breakfast and some practice with the bow. The airlines broke one of my arrows in the case and after the repair on that arrow and about 90 good shots and one real bad one caught on film we took a ride to Big River, SA. We took a real nice circle route that took us through some of the country and then stopped in the local CO-OP. I bought my favorite Coke-Cola and some snacks for the week and the bill for the 5 cases of coke and snacks cost me about 140.00 US. I am glad I am not living up here because my addiction to soft drinks would have to end. We had a wonderful dinner and now I am off to bed early! The weather is still brisk and now it is raining pretty steady. The lodge is warm and very comfortable and the food is fantastic! I am not sure what the plans are tomorrow but if the rain keeps up, I am going to get in some more practice and have a nice leisurely day of reading and catching up on some blog posts!

Dock on a Hayden Lake!

Max and Stacy Rowe, The Professional Camera Team!

Hayden Lake
The big map of the complete territory of Horns Whitetail Adventures! There is a ton of land filled with some big bruins and some magnificent deer.

Max Rowe taking care of business, bad hair day and all!

Filming a loon on the lake!

Aspen trees are everywhere and I am in heaven! I have never in my life seen so many Aspen groves!

Self Portrait!

Nice and comfortable after a really big breakfast!


Our cook getting ready for a wonderful lunch!

BUFFALO on the hill!

Saskatchewan is filled with very flat country!

The flatness goes on forever!

Joe Rowe(Max's Father), studying the landscape!

Practice from all angles, with one real low shot! More practice coming tomorrow!