Sunday, May 20, 2007

Day Two Pictures at Horns Whitetail Adventures from this Afternoon!

Well we are wrapping up our second day and tomorrow we hit the lake for some morning fishing on Sled Lake and then we are off to the bear stands! I am pumped! We just had our safety talk and I am ready to get into the stand. The weather is warming up and the sun is coming out. It is 9:10pm and the sun is still out and sunset should be in about 20 minutes or so.

I caught my first Northern Pike this afternoon off the dock and tomorrow we are headed out on the boat to get some pike fishing and walleye fishing done! The pictures are from our day today and this is the last early night we have to get to sleep so I am headed off to bed.

Johnny, our Canadian Bear Expert!

Checking out the gear!

Heading to the kitchen!

Bobby Shipe

Last Minute details

Setting up the Rhino's

Fishing in Sled Lake

Not another inch or the boots are getting wet in the inside.

Beaver food!

Fishing for Pike

Max and Bobby fishing.

Joe getting ready to catch the big one!

Stacy Rowe trying her hand at getting a some pike.

My first Northern Pike!

Dinner Time!

The World Famous Horns Whitetail Cream puffs!

Practice time!

This guy made $550.00 Canadian to bring up one of the hunters luggage that got left behind! The flight only cost $650.00 so USAIR and Northwest did not make much money on that flight!
This is a thriving business during hunting season!