Monday, May 21, 2007

Day Three - First Day of Bear Season

It is Monday and our first day to hit the stands. In 6 hours I will be sitting on stand waiting for the bears to come in. I am holding out for a bear that will make Pope & Young so patients is going to be required which is not really my strongest suits. The bow is shooting well today and I am going to move around some site pins today in practice to get a little clearer picture and practice with the head net in place. The temperatures are in the 40's with a slight wind coming from east to west and I expect that it will be changing and possibly clearing up this afternoon. The boys are all headed out to sight in the smoke poles and fill the air with the smell of black powder.

Breakfast was excellent this morning and we are planning on a big lunch at 1:00pm and then off to get dressed and head to the stands.

I have looked at about 20 magazines and about 400 pictures of black bears in the past month so I am really ready to start seeing some in the wild.