Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Turkey Hunting

Today the turkeys were not playing by the rules and decided to stay away from Brandon and I and our amazing, amazing guide! I have no wild turkey to eat this year, no feathers to place on the wall, no beards to brag about but I do have some of the greatest memories I have ever had while turkey hunting. Today I hunted in history on the edge of Ashlawn, VA former home of President Monroe on the top of a mountain where I could see for 40 miles the valleys where America was created in the minds of great great men like Monroe(Ashlawn) and Jefferson(Monticello).

Hunting today and every day was and is an honor and privilege and my memories continue to grow and today I feel blessed to be alive!

I did not take a turkey and took home poison ivy instead so on a Benedryl high, I forgot I had the beard and shaved it clean off so I am headed out to the QDMA banquet and looking forward to a great meal and meeting some great people.