Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Horns Whitetail Adventures Outfitter Review

I wanted to put up a review of my trip to Saskatchewan with Horns Whitetail Adventures. Most of you know this if you have been reading the blog but I want to make it a bit more formal and official. First of all I fully endorse this outfitter. P.J. and Bobby are fully committed to their customers and to getting it done the right way! Being an outfitter and building an outfitting business is tough work and these two are growing their business one customer at a time and I truly believe that they are taking the right steps to have one of the best operations in Saskatchewan.

Over the course of the week, I saw about 20 bears of varying sizes and shapes. Most of the bears were black in color with two of the bears having some various shades of brown in the coats. Most of the bears that I saw were in the 150 to 300 lb range. I think that size is a bit deceiving. The reason why I think that is that we were filming and because of that it is very hard to stay perfectly still in the stand. Not being perfectly still myself(I can be a bit fidgety) and with a second cameraman there is no way to know whether the big bears were watching us and just choosing not to come in. We watched a young sow that we know was in heat so we know that the big bears were close by all week the biggest bear being the one I hit behind the ear.

We also did not do enough to maintain a perfect scent free situation because we knew the bears were coming in for food and that if we had the food the bears would come in, but that may have prevented us from seeing the truly big old wise bruins that were in the area. Next time I am going to go in with a either a good cover scent or completely scent free.

I don't know the answers but I do know from the tracks that are there and the things that I saw this area holds some truly big bears. I look forward to the opportunity to go back and find out in the future.

So if you see my name on the reference list for Horns Whitetail Adventures it is because I asked that it be put there. Would I hunt with them again? Absolutely planning on it!!!

Was the food great? Oh yes, I gained some weight and had a great time. Bobby Shipe, Kelly, Darrin and Bertha you all took great care of me!

The next adventure will be finishing the website revisions, fishing the Chesapeake for some Bluefish and Rock Fish some time this summer with my kids. I am also looking forward to Wyoming to chase Antelope outside Laramie, WY with Brandon and Dennis, and then to Manitoba to chase Whitetails with Bill MacFarland and his father.