Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why Bear hunt?

Someone just recently posted this question up online at a hunting forum. My response is:

I am going on a bear hunt in 15 days to Saskatchewan with Horn's Whitetail Adventures. We are hunting over bait with a bow and camera in hand. I have hunted bears only twice in the past. Once we tried calling and once over bait. The thrill of the hunt here is that I am only looking to take a true representative trophy. Something over 400 lbs on video.

I am 100% for fair chase hunting and I believe that in this particular section of Saskatchewan there is no other way to kill a bear. The woods are too thick to spot and stalk and not open enough to call without the very real possibility of getting attacked. I am excited about this hunt and am looking forward to having the bear made into sausage and roasts that I can smoke on my grill and do a pulled BBQ style dinner with.

I will have play by play of each and every day of the hunt up on my blog and I am really really excited for the challenge. The biggest challenge will be watching the bears that I do not want to take milling around under the stand and eating. What better way to see one of natures truly magnificent animals in the wild?


Kevin C. Paulson