Sunday, May 20, 2007

Horns Whitetail Adventures Bear Hunt Pictures from Day Two

It's Sunday before the hunt and the weather is a bit rainy and cold! We had another fantastic breakfast this morning and we are sitting around talking about past hunts and enjoying bump day at Indianapolis(Indy 500) on the television! GO DANICA!!!! Otherwise its a lazy day and very enjoyable! It is so nice to be in such a comfortable camp and lodge where you can relax and with satellite television and internet access I am beginning to enjoy being spoiled by the team here at Horns!

Now this muddy van is our rental car!

Danny Griffen our newest hunter at camp is an old pro at hunting with this team. This is his third or fourth year here with this camp!

The local puppy that came over to visit me! Not sure what the breed is but she is a beautiful puppy!

Our Sleeping Lodge!

Satellite TV!!!!
Max and Bobby

Danny Griffen

A collection of the mounts in our Sleeping Lodge! There is no question that I want to come back for deer season after seeing some of these great mounts that were all taken here at Horns

Joe taking a great little nap while watching the Indy 500 bump day!

Gear all laid out ready to go for Monday!

Each room has its own bathroom and is very comfortable and well laid out!

My favorite drink of the day! Coca-Cola is not cheap in Canada!!!!!